Session For New A.R.T. Members

On 17th March a bell handling workshop was held at the Harry Windsor Ringing Centre at Kineton.

Sixteen teachers training with ITTS having previously attended a Module 1 – Teaching Bell Handling course, along with their learners attended this workshop which was a follow up to the one day course. Also present were three Mentors and two course Tutors to give guidance and assistance.

The day worked extremely well with the progress of many learners being remarkable. One small ten year old started the day struggling to ring up the four but by the end rang up the tenor with no assistance. One lady had her first lesson and was ringing both strokes together before she went home; rather tired!

During the day assessed teaching sessions took place and five of the trainee teachers passed these assessments and were presented with certificates admitting them to the register of members for the A.R.T.

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  1. Pip Penney

    This was a good day at Kineton. Lots of learners improving and lots of teachers honing their teaching techniques. A little exhausting for the tutors. All day with no lunch and just a short coffee break for them!